6 Back-Pocket Tools to Major Mindset 

As a mindset coach, I understand how important it is to feel truly and unapologetically empowered in your own life. As an ambitious young woman, I know how important your big goals are, especially if you are an online entrepreneur trying to launch your biz. In order to reach those big goals and that freedom lifestyle that you desire, your mindset needs to be aligned with success. 

Change your mindset, change your life

I am Quinn Downie, a mindset and self-love coach. My goal is to empower young female entrepreneurs to become the authors of their life stories through in-depth mindset work. I personally understand the impact that your mindset has on your life, because I have struggled with some of the biggest mindset blocks that you can imagine.  

When I was 18 years-old, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder; this experience drained the life from me, and I began to wonder if I would ever feel happiness again. However, I made a swift recovery thanks to modern medication. The only downside is that I expected my medication to manage my mental health for me; I did not understand the role that I played in my own mindset, and as a result, my mental health as well. I tried running from my depression, swearing to myself that I would never be that weak, scared little girl again. In my frantic escape from the clutches of my mental illness, I started making a series of reckless decisions, including multiple abusive relationships, unhealthy life habits, dangerous decisions, and furious fights with my loved ones. The more I resisted my depression, the harder it fought back until it returned even stronger than before. What’s more, I continued to relapse for a grand total of 4 depression experiences. Each time I relapsed, I was able to pull myself out of the darkness eventually through active decisions and mindset work. However, I was not aware of the mindset work that I was doing or the actions that I was taking, which is why I fell into the same unhealthy patterns time and time again. I had very little self-awareness and almost no self-love.  

It was not until I made the active choice to make mindset work a priority that I began to experience freedom from the dark shadow looming over me. It was when I realized that my medication could not take care of my mental health for me. No one else could produce a freedom lifestyle for me; I needed to step into my power. I needed to become the author of my life story, and I knew that, in order to do this, I needed to remain committed to daily mindset work.  

After my most recent bout of depression, I outlined the 6 tools that I was using regularly to nurture my mindset into good health. These tools did not just come from thin air; almost a full decade of psychology schooling and self-help reading allowed me to learn what works best for mindset work. My goal was to condense a decade of information into a simple, easily implemented strategy set so that mindset work would not seem so overwhelming and complicated to me. When I saw my life transform as a result of these 6 tools, I knew that I needed to share them!  

These 6 Back-Pocket Tools allowed me to not only recover from mental illness, but also develop a Major Mindset.  

First of all, your mindset is a combination of your thoughts, feelings, and values about the world around you and your relation to it. Most of us are operating on auto pilot, carrying around heavy fears and struggling with unhealthy mindsets. In many cases, the ONE THING holding you back from the business success and life you deserve is your mindset. Change your mindset, change your life.  

A Major Mindset is a mindset that is strongly aligned with love, light, and positivity. A major mindset is not free from fear, but able to deal with fears as they come up. Major mindset is built on self-awareness and consistent dedication to growth and improvement in a fun, effortless way. A woman with a major mindset knows that she does not need to struggle upstream in life, but that she can trust her intuition and her mindset skills to write the beautiful script for her life story. The ticket to the freedom lifestyle of a successful online entrepreneur is in-depth mindset work. This fact holds true for your personal life as well. A major mindset means that you are not being blocked by fears and limiting beliefs.  

This sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? But you may be wondering how you can change your mindset. In order to achieve a major mindset, you need to be aware of your mindset blocks.  

What is a mindset block? 

A mindset block is fear’s influence on your thoughts, feelings, and values. This fear often manifests as stress, fear, or sadness (in extreme cases, burnout, anxiety, and depression). We all have mindset blocks, even those of us with Major Mindset. What matters is that you are able to clear these blocks through self-awareness and in-depth work.  

My 6 back-pocket tools are easy to implement and surprisingly effective. This is because these tools are actually a culmination of just about all the self-help advice that I have encountered over the past decade. Also, all of these tools (except for spiritual solutions) are backed by psychology research. These tools are straight-forward, easy to comprehend, and easy to implement. This e-course is the perfect first step to learning the foundational skills behind building a major mindset. 

Social support

Thought combat

Centre-based calm

Spiritual solutions

Clarity writing


  • Ready for some serious change in the way you see your life and live your life
  •  Interested in starting mindset work, but not sure where to start 
  • An online entrepreneur launching a new business, but carrying a lot of fears and mindset blocks that could get in the way of your full potential
  • An online entrepreneur ready to bring your business to the next level, but you have some mindset blocks in the way or anticipate that you will have mindset blocks
  • Looking for an easy reference tool that can be used over and over again to help you live your best life
  • Just ready to step into your full potential and power, but your fears and limiting beliefs are getting in the way
  • So over allowing fear to call the shots in your life
  • Ready to become the author of your life story, ready to take ownership for your life and how you treat yourself
  • Lacking in self-love and not sure how to build a sense of self-love
  • Looking for self-help materials that actually work! If you apply my tools and follow this course with dedication and regular reference, you will be able to see a difference in how you live your life  

This module consists of 2 video tutorials. The first video is the introduction video, which is where I will go over my basic mindset work process. I will also give you tips and advice on how you can get the most out of this program. I know that my 6 Back-Pocket Tools changed my life and can change yours as well, so I want to make sure that you get the greatest benefit from my e-course.

The second video will kick off the 6 back-pocket tools with tool #1: social support. In this module you will:

  • Understand the importance of your inner circle to craft your Major Mindset
  • Have a strong idea of who you can turn to for help and guidance when necessary
  • Have access to a simple “friend tracker” in order to manage your social life effortlessly and ensure that your lines of social support do not dwindle away
  • Understand the impact of toxic people in your circle and how to protect yourself from their influence
  • Be able to identify whether or not someone in your life is actually toxic and what to do about it 
  • Have alternative forms of social support to use so that you are never doing mindset work alone  

In this module, you will:

  • Understand how your thoughts contribute to how you feel and how the world responds to you 
  • Gain clarity toward identifying your fear-based thoughts (or fear-ies as I like to call them) and challenging them  
  • Understand that your thoughts are not facts and you can challenge them at any time 
  • Learn how visualization can empower you to write the script of your life story
  • Learn the best way to tackle your fear-ies
  •  Learn how to set the tone for your day with effortless ease  

In this module, you will:

  • Learn how to meditate in a simple but effective way 
  • Learn how to identify what “centred” feels like and how to bring yourself back to that state 
  • Be equipped with the key to self-awareness 
  • Learn how to alter your energetic frequency so that you are bringing your best self forward into your business and personal life 
  • Be able to use the present moment to its fullest potential 
  • Be able to enjoy all the little things in life so that your life actually seems magical 
  • Identify if you are a resistant person and what this means 
  • Learn about the energy of allowing 
  • Understand what causes overwhelm and how to ease that feeling 
  • Create a meditation schedule that suits you so that you can reap all the benefits of this tool  

In this module, you will:

  •  Learn how to let go of the need to control/ shed your “control freak” nature
  • Learn how to allow life to flow effortlessly rather than forcing things to work 
  • Be able to identify how fear shows up in the world and how to protect yourself from this influence 
  • Understand if fear is holding you back and where fear shows up in your own life
  • Learn how to make a mindset shift toward love rather than fear 
  • Have access to your biggest natural asset (hint: you have likely been aware that it was there, but you have probably been dismissing it your whole life) 
  • Identify your “ego” and how your “ego” shows up in your life/ how your ego has been holding you back from your goals 
  • Begin to build a regular spiritual practice that incorporates clarity writing and meditation 
  • Craft your own “custom-made” spiritual belief system so that you feel supported in all that you do  

In this module, you will:

  • Begin to incorporate or improve your self-care routine 
  • Learn how guilt can limit the time that we take for ourselves and how to break this pattern 
  • Identify if self-care is severely lacking in your life 
  • Begin to build a sense of self-love through self-care in the most fun way possible 
  • Know the importance of activities that naturally bring you joy and how you can do more of them 
  • Assertively ensure that your “no” means no and “yes” means yes 
  • Prioritize to-do activities and time so that your self-care is no longer being sacrificed first  

In this module, you will:

  • Begin a journal practice that you actually want to stick with
  • Understand and develop a rudimentary skill toward your personal development 
  • Learn how you can develop and refine your self-awareness in the simplest way 
  • Be able to release stress and confusion onto paper 
  • Learn how to manage your time so that overwhelm becomes an issue of the past 
  • Clear the daily jumble of information in your head 
  • Be able to self-reflect in a way that makes you feel lighter every time  

If you are ready to take your life into your own hands, then my e-course is the perfect first step. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with a strong foundation to carry out your mindset work. Imagine feeling like you are the author of your own story. Imagine feeling empowered and free in your business and in your personal life. It may feel like you need a thriving business in order to achieve the freedom lifestyle. Although this certainly helps, it is actually possible to live the freedom lifestyle right now using your mindset. Your mindset is your largest asset toward stepping into your power and molding your life story into one written with love, light, strength, passion, joy, and freedom.  

Mindset is something that I am more passionate about than you can imagine. Helping online entrepreneurs (and people in general really) to step into their power through mindset work lights me up in ways that I can hardly explain. I have seen how mindset work has transformed my life story. I have watched breakthrough after breakthrough occur, each more powerful than the last. Every time I upped my mindset game, my breakthroughs became increasingly more transformational. I know this can be your truth as well. 

Let’s do this! 

Let’s make this freedom lifestyle your reality. 

No more fearing your uncomfortable emotions. 

No more crippling beneath the weight of crushing stress. 

No more twisting in agony beneath the manipulation of your fears. 

No more shrivelling in front of deep sadness. These emotions can become your friends rather than the scary authority ruling your life.  

When you live like this, business success becomes almost an inevitability. How can anyone resist your sexy, self-assured, balanced, calm, joyful energy? It is only a matter of time until clients come flocking to your joyful, positive aura.  

First, you have to take aligned action. If you are feeling the pull toward mindset work, my e-course really breaks the mindset work process down for you in a way that is simple, reliable, and effective. Odds are, if you are on this sales page and really liking what you see, this course is a good match for you.  

I am so beyond thrilled to help you kick-start your mindset journey by equipping you with an empowering toolkit of easy, reliable back-pocket tools.  

For the month of July only, this course will be on sale for $49 CAD. At the end of the month, the price jumps up to the full $75, so if this course sounds like it could truly help you, do not hesitate to sign up, beautiful :)  



Quinn Downie is a mindset and self-love coach for online entrepreneurs. She completed her Honour’s Bachelor of Arts in psychology with thesis and English Literature. Quinn is now working toward her Master’s degree in counselling psychology while also being enrolled in Jessica Nazarali’s Coaching Mastery Certification program.